October 2014

Very excited to launch this product which has been in development for about 18 months.

As our MR-MT-1 downlight module, it utilises the CREE MTG-2 LED chip, which allows for narrow, medium and wide beams. We use the 9v chip in this device and the LED can be driven at 50ma or 500ma giving 350 and 500 lumens respectively.

We like its hard machined nature, turning marks showing in the aluminium, whilst being soft and organic in form. The sand blasted finish being a particular favourite, as also is the anodised blue which was a real surprise.

All parts and made as locally as possible and all within England.


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MR-MT LED engine

September 2014

MR-MT-1 is an LED engine development that is now a benchmark for us with regards to downlight and spotlight module development. Covering about 12 months testing and development, we have arrived at a point where we are delighted to offer a great LED product to sit inside our range of downlight housings.

We have utilised the CREE MTG-2 LED chip which sits on our own designed circuit board. We chose the MTG-2 because of its small surface area and high candela optential, giving great opportunity for narrow beam, which is something we are already working towards. Currently the engine comes with the option of 17, 35 and 50 degree reflector/optics, maximum Lumen output currently at 940 lumens at 350ma, with a 500ma version available shortly producing around 1200 lumens.

The MR-MT-1 is good to look at when switched off and produces a lovely beam quality when switched on.

Currently available as 3000k and 4000k CRI 80>.


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2cude recessed

August 2014

Brand new 2cude recessed product has been installed in Walker Morris Solicitors, the slim line extrusion containing linear LED has been used on a number of projects as a suspended system, this is the first time for the recessed version. A new frame was created with welded ends so the whole ceiling frame is one piece. Looks Nice!!!

Inside is an aluminium housing for the LED board to fix to and a reflector to maximize light out.

The LED’s inside our linear modules sit very close together, which allows the LED board to be closer to the exit point allowing greater efficiency, despite this closeness to exit we can still achieve a homogenous visual effect on the diffusor.

2cude 2


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