Roam S2-L Update

At duluce we are continually looking at ways to improve and evolve the Roam product.

Here we have Roam S2-L with new front bezel, allowing for a flush finish in line with the outer body, and with an alteration to the inner bezel allowing for sharpness on narrow beams.
So in addition to the narrow medium and wide beams already available,  we have 6 degree super spot and also wall washer, which has a nice cutaway to the outer body.
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Snake Plate

Duluce was commissioned by the client and architect on this project to manufacture something special to hang over the dining table.
The final design was a collaboration between, client. architect and duluce.

The ‘snake plate’ is hand cut form thick mild steel which was then worked on to evoke the best of steel, shiny, pitted and industrial all at the same time.
Juxtaposed to that are the precise cnc engineered parts, which include the suspension rods, the egg drops and the catenary wires.
The finished product is 1300mm in length and easily illuminates  a 2 meter length table.

The result ? Something hard edged but elegant.


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