New Super Spot

We are very pleased to introduce a new line in the ever expanding Roam range of spotlights with the super spot models,  which allow for 10 and 6 degree in the S2-L model.

Using lenses rather than reflectors, allows for a shaper more focused beam. The use of a thin film coupled with a shallow honeycomb filter over the lens’s creates a soft edged beam with very low glare.

With optional drive current this means power consumption can be reduced where narrow beams are needed. With candelas at nearly 30,000 candelas for the 10w version, it does create quite a punch.

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3 New Spotlights

Existing Spot heads with new recessed track driver

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Roam S1 illuminates Norton Priorys C12th undercroft

Norton Priory dates back to 1134 and is a grade 1 listed.

The undercroft which dates back to the 12th centrury is still largely intact and functioning as a building 900 years later.  The ceiling comprises a grid of stone built arches in the local red sandstone, forming a charming arched view overhead.

Duluce worked with Silcock Leedham engineers to design a fitting that would enable the Priory Museum to highlight the architectural detail of the ceiling as well as create a great atmosphere for functions.

The spotlight which was Roam S1 had to meet a few specific requirements;

  • A specific RAL paint finish
  • Warm white LEDs to draw out the colour of the red sandstone
  • Be wired in up to a series of 4 spotlights per series
  • Different hole cut outs in the spotlights base to accept surface mounted cable.
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New additions to Roam track spot range

These 2 new Roam spotlights have heat sinks integrated, forming part of the light head.

This allows a smaller lighter head whilst still cooling the LEDs efficiently

The 2L is designed around COB LEDs whereas the 3L design allows six individual LEDs


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Like Trimless downlight without the hassle

Expanding the Rota downlight range we now have the Rota Lip.

With its minimal trim giving the impression of a trimless downlight

LED upto 15w

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