Shutta 1

  Function is form……     New Shutta track spotlight 15w LED    
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October 2014 Very excited to launch this product which has been in development for about 18 months. As our MR-MT-1 downlight module, it utilises the CREE MTG-2 LED chip, which allows for narrow, medium and wide beams. We use the 9v chip in this device and the LED can be driven at 50ma
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MR-MT LED engine

September 2014 MR-MT-1 is an LED engine development that is now a benchmark for us with regards to downlight and spotlight module development. Covering about 12 months testing and development, we have arrived at a point where we are delighted to offer a great LED product to sit inside
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2cude recessed

August 2014 Brand new 2cude recessed product has been installed in Walker Morris Solicitors, the slim line extrusion containing linear LED has been used on a number of projects as a suspended system, this is the first time for the recessed version. A new frame was created with welded
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